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NOTICE - APRIL 8, 2020

Update to Municipal Building Services COVID-19 Operational Policy

The Building Department has adopted service precautions effective immediately, in compliance with the Province's reduced list of Essential Workplaces under the COVID-19 Emergency Order. 

The Building Department will continue to accept permit applications and prepare for issuance of permits. The Department will only issue permits for projects that are deemed "essential," as per the Province's list of Essential Workplaces. Permit applications that are not "essential" will be fully processed, but issuance will be put on hold until the Province amends their restrictions. 

Inspections will be conducted on all projects that comply with the updated Emergency Order, for unoccupied buildings only. All required inspection papers (i.e. truss drawings) shall be submitted electronically in advance. Site inspections will remain at the discretion of the attending Inspector. If the Inspector feels physical distancing is not being maintained and personal health is at risk, they will not attend.

For more information: 

  • Government of Ontario: Emergency Information
  • Government of Ontario: List of Essential Workplaces
  • Municipality of West Nipissing Building Services COVID-19 Operational Policy (March 20, 2020)
  • For all updates to Municipal Services, please visit




    Once you receive your building permit, a Building Inspector will monitor your project to ensure that construction meets the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, municipal and provincial regulations, and the stipulations of your building permit. The Building Inspector may send you a notice by mail if work does not conform to approved plans. Re-inspection may be required before you resume construction. You may be subject to legal action if work continues without resolving the situation.

    It is the responsibility of the property owner to inform the Building Inspector of any proposed changes to the construction project which may require additional approvals. Alternative methods of establishing compliance with the Ontario Building Code, such as professional consultant reports, are not acceptable without prior approval of the Chief Building Official.

    The property owner or contractor is expected to cooperate and remain in communication with the Building Inspector. In addition, the property owner or contractor must: post a copy of the building permit in a window or other prominent place on the work site, keep a copy of approved construction plans on the work site. Mandatory Field Inspections are identified at the time of permit application.
    Property owners or contractors may also request an inspection by a Building Inspector for advice and information at any time during construction. Electrical installations may require an inspection by the Electrical Safety Authority. Call 1-877-372-7233 or visit online at

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