Public Notice - Winter Maintenance

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The Municipality of West Nipissing reminds all residents that their garbage cans/recycling boxes must be placed between the road and the sidewalk to avoid damage by the snow plow or trucks this winter.  If there is no sidewalk on your street, please make sure that your garbage can/recycling box is placed at a sufficient distance to avoid the snow plows from hitting them and accessible for municipal employees doing the garbage and recycling pick-ups.

The Municipality will not be responsible to replace damaged garbage cans/recycling boxes.  We appreciate your assistance in making our job easier and enabling us to perform a better service for the residents.

Section 5.2 of By-Law 2015/62 – Parking Restricted During Night Hours in Winter Months: No person shall park a vehicle on any highway under the jurisdiction of the Municipality, between the hours of twelve o’clock midnight and seven o’clock in the morning, during the period from the first day of November in one year, until the last day of March in the next year, except physicians on emergency calls and operators of authorized emergency vehicles.

By-Law 2006/63 (as amended by By-Law 2011/63) – To Prohibit the Obstructing, Encumbering or Fouling of Highways or Bridges with Snow or any other Matter: No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any snow, ice or any other matter upon any highway, street, sidewalk or bridge; near a fire hydrant or as to obstruct drainage to any drains/sewer; push snow from a given property to the other side of the road; obstruct the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians; and no person shall permit icicles to accumulate on any building on a commercial property as to become dangerous to persons passing on a sidewalk, street or pathway.

Thank you for your collaboration in making winter maintenance activities in West Nipissing safe and efficient.


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