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Sturgeon Falls Step Dance and Fiddle Festival 2014

Over $17,000 in Cash Prizes and Trophies

August 10th to the 17th, 2014


Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to once again personally invite you to attend the 18th Annual Step Dance & Fiddle Festival in Sturgeon Falls. With your support, dedication and committment, our big event in West Nipissing continues to grow each year.

The organizing committee has planned the event early in order to give you as much time as possible to book August 10th to the 17, 2014 in Sturgeon Falls. Check out our great lineup and I am sure you'll agree, that once again we have put together a week long program that is charged with excitement.

For many, this is the only opportunity that is offered you to reacquaint yourself with the many friends that you have made throughout the years. We encourage you all to invite new friends to join you. Tell them that the Sturgeon Falls Step Dance & Fiddle Festival is the event of the year... one that is not to be missed!

As you know, we have great facilities for all, a warm hospitable community and a seasoned organizing committee, many of whom you have come to know as friends. Book your site today and be part of the 18th Annual Step Dance & Fiddle Festival in Sturgeon Falls.

Charlie Lang
Sturgeon Falls Step Dance and Fiddle Festival

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  • Charlie Lang, Chairman
  • Marc Gagnon, Director
  • Chantal Lafrance, Event Coordinator/Treasurer
  • Julie Labrosse Landry, Information


Master of Ceremonies - Victor John
House Fiddler - Mathew Johnson
Judge - Louis Schryer
Judge - Brian Hebert
Judge - Rhodina Turner
Judge - Pam Hebert
House Accompanist - Guylaine Gagne
Lighting and Sound - D.B.S.L.
Fiddle Park Marshall - Aurèle St-Pierre & Aurian St-Pierre

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Camping Available


Sunday August 10th, 2014

8:00am at the Complex Grounds for a fee of $140.00/week
(Includes water, hydro, use of showers, sauna, hot tub and free pool pass). After July 1st, fee will be 150$.

To register or for more information call toll free 1-800-263-5359 or   705-753-6946
*Includes Free Access to recreational facilities, including indoor pool and waterslide

FREE music for everyone to enjoy all week
Monday to Saturday
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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Fiddle Park BBQ

Tuesday, August 12th
Two(2) FREE tickets to the frist 400 campers!

4:30pm to 6:00pm

(Campers only with tickets)


Community Breakfast

Saturday, August 16th
7:30 am to 12:30 am
Complex Hall

(Everyone Welcome)

Sunday, August 17th
7:30 am to 12:30pm
Complex Hall


(Everyone Welcome)


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The Sensational Hot Rods

Wednesday, August 13, 2012


Sturgeon Falls Complex

Tickets: $25.00

Tickets should be available at the beginning of December.


All tickets are available at The Metro Food stores in North Bay on Lakeshore drive and in Sturgeon Falls on Front Street. They are also available at West Nipissing Information Centre and both Four Seasons stores in Sturgeon Falls.


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Talent Night

Thursday, August 14
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

Everyone with a talent is invited to perform..

Admission - $5.00
Performers - FREE


6:00pm to 7:00pm

Spagetti Super upstairs main Hall from 4:00 to 6:00 on Thursday August 14

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Friday, August 16th, 2013
Saturday, August 17th, 2013




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Competition Rules & Regulations

*Fiddling - all classes.

1. Each contestant must play a waltz 3/4 time, a jig 6/8 time and a reel 2/4 or 4/4 time in that order.

2. contestants must complete their three tunes within a four minute span. Any playing after the time-up bell has been sounded will not be judged.

3. Contestants not using standby accompanist must furnish their own. Please have your accompanist ready when you are called.

4. Each contestant will be allowed the choice of one instrument for accompaniment.

5. In case of an accident beyond the contestant’s control (i.e. broken string) a replay will be allowed.

6. Each contestant may enter one Class only.

7. All decisions of the judges are final.

8. Please note all Fiddle Classes: contestants winning any class three years in succession will automatically be eliminated from that class, but may enter a class of higher caliber.

9. 9 & Under Fiddle: Each contestant may only perform one tune of his/her choice (waltz, jig or reel). Any fiddler who wishes to play waltz, jig and reel must enter another class.

*Step Dancing – all classes.

1. Should the accompanist make an error to throw the dancer off time, or should any accident beyond the performer’s control occur, the dancer may stop and tell the judges he/she wishes to start over again. Contestant will be allowed 1 re-dance only.

2. Judging will be based on rhythm, precision of steps, variety of steps and showmanship.

3. Each contestant may enter one class only, except Group Dancers.

4. Please note all Step Dancing Classes: contestants winning any class three years in succession will automatically be eliminated from that class but may enter a class of higher caliber.

5. No rag or novelty tunes allowed, (i.e. Buck Fever Rag and May Time Swing, etc.) except in Group Dancing.

* Group Dancing:

1. Group Dancing will be in groups of 3 to 6. MAXIMUM TIME 4 MINUTES. Contestants may enter one group dancing class only.

*Open Class, 18 & Under Class and 12 & Under Advanced Class:

1. Contestants must dance a clog, jig and reel in that order without stopping.

2. Each contestant must complete the 3 dances within four minutes. Any dancing after the time-up bell has been sounded will not be judged.

*9 & Under Novice Class, 19-49 Step Dancing & 50 and Over Step Dancing:

1. Each contestant may only perform one dance of his/her choice (clog, jig or reel). Any step dancer who wishes to dance clog, jig and reel must enter another class.

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General Information & Services

  • Trailer Park rules and regulations available at park entrance.
  • Contest rules and regulations available at registration desk or by calling 1-800-263-5359 or 705-753-6946
  • Enjoy Talent Night
  • Hearty breakfast will be served in Main Hall of the Complex on Saturday and Sunday
  • Use our indoor pool and water slide, complimentary (see schedule)
  • Contestants practice area in small hall overlooking arena
  • Religious service, Sunday, at the Sturgeon Falls Arena.
  • All contestants.... FREE - admission all weekend
  • All contestants receive 1 Complimentary Pass for swimming pool.


Thank you to our many festival sponsors!


Canada Bread

Canadian Tire

Carlson Sports

Collins Barrow

Dr. Michel Roberge

Extreme Pizza

Four Seasons, The Country Store

Giant Tiger


JYF Promotions

Marcel Degagne Carpentry

Metro food stores,North Bay

Metro food stores, Sturgeon

Page & Associates Realty Brokerage

North Bay Toyota


Schneider's Meats

Sturgeon Falls Brush

Sturgeon Falls Canadian Tire

Sturgeon Falls Sears

The East Ferris Old Tyme Fiddlers

The Moose 99.3 FM

The Municipality of West Nipissing; Mayor and Council

Truchon Fuels


Four Seasons

The Country Store







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Thursday: $5.00

Friday: $10.00

Saturday: $15.00

Children under 12 - $5.00/day
(*Children's price does not include Sat. Grand Finals)


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Competitors must be in attendance to receive trophies and prize money.






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